New Location for BESt 2024 Summer Program


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2024 Summer Program

Join us in helping prepare local underrepresented minority high school students for future careers in healthcare.

Enroll in BESt today! Applications for participation in BESt 2024 are due by March 29th.


We are excited to announce that the BESt Program has a new home.
In 2024, the BESt program will be held on The Danforth Campus of Washington University in St. Louis.

Grow. Lead. Succeed.

BESt summer programs are four weeks in duration and focused on a STEM-based curriculum. The goal is to spark students interests in STEM-based professions and to create a pipeline of diverse healthcare providers to the St. Louis Region.

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Eligibility Criteria

Must be an underrepresented minority high school student living in St. Louis region.

Application Criteria

Must submit your high school transcript and two letters of recommendation.

Compensation Criteria

Must be able to provide required documentation to receive compensation.

Our Partners

The BESt Program is made possible through the support of world-class organizations from right here in St. Louis. 


What our students say...

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Before coming to the program I was bullied from my fellow teammates and lost a lot faith in who I was and what I stood for… I experienced so many things that not only lifted my spirit but started a fire in motivating me to be the person that I have envisioned… and I have applied to Spelman, Xavier University in Louisiana, and Howard University in Washington D.C.

BESt IV Healthcare Institute Alum

The Princeton review class was instrumental in my six-point score increase on the ACT test. The prep class taught me how to interpret and answer the problems properly, in my preparation; I supplemented the class with numerous timed practice tests.

BESt Healthcare Institute Alum

New Location for BESt!

The 2024 BESt Summer Program program will be held on The Danforth Campus of Washington University in St. Louis.

Top four reasons to apply

  • 100 percent college acceptance rate
  • 87 percent pursuing healthcare degrees
  • 39 percent pursuing pharmacy degrees
  • Over 15 years of running successful programs